00b - How to Quit Your Job, Travel, and Do Whatever You Want

Is This For Me (and by me, I mean you)?

The world is a big place. What is your day like? Do you wake up, wash-up, go to work, pretend to work, have lunch, actually work, have a coffee break, then alternate between working and pretending to work until time to go home? How long have you been in your routine? How long have you been pretending to be happy?

This book is for people who want to break their routine and jump into unfamiliar territory. This book is for people who feel stuck in life and want to try new combinations of living. This book is even for people who want to travel casually a lot more often than once or twice a year during company sanctioned holiday time.

Who are you (and by you, I mean me)?

Hello. I’m Matt. I left my job on December 31, 2011 and over the following 21 months, I’ve stayed for multiple weeks in: San Francisco ✈︎ Atlanta ✈︎ London ✈︎ Dublin ✈︎ Barcelona ✈︎ Seattle ✈︎ Atlanta ✈︎ New York City ✈︎ Dublin ✈︎ London ✈︎ Austin ✈︎ Atlanta ✈︎ San Francisco ✈︎ New York ✈︎ Miami ✈︎ Costa Rica ✈︎ San Diego ✈︎ Los Angeles ✈︎ Atlanta ✈︎ Santa Monica ✈︎ New York City ✈︎ Las Vegas ✈︎ Chicago ✈︎ Dallas ✈︎ Houston ✈︎ New York City ✈︎ Boston [FLESH OUT FINALLY, LINK TO CHAPTERS?].

Over 20 flights in over 20 months. I stayed most places two weeks, with outliers being three weeks in Seattle, three months in Barcelona, and six months in New York City.

What’s Herein?

This book covers ins and outs and ups and downs of traveling alone for months at a time. We’ll cover: how much you should have save to get started, how to plan, good spots, places to avoid, how to live cheaply, how to book accommodations, how to book cheap flights, how to exercise, how to work, how to internet, and how to lose your old life in a flurry of new adventures.

Traveling this way isn’t risk-free. Sometimes you’ll forget where in the world you are. You will get urges for food you had three months ago now only existing eight timezones away. You’ll forget the name of the local stores (ralphs? vons? trader joes? kroger? tom thumb? safeway? m&s? carrefour? cvs? walgreens? duane reade? boots?). Some days you’ll even forget how currency works. It’s a blast.

Let’s get started, shall we?

[note: make sure “how to talk about where you come from”]

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