01 - How to Quit Your Job, Travel, and Do Whatever You Want

Life, Interrupted

What do you do every day? You probably have a routine. You get up, you go to work, you work, you lunch, you work, you go home. How long have you been stuck in your rut?

Maybe you’re happy in your rut. Many people are. But, maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re miserable. You may not even know it when you’re constantly surrounded by so many happy shiny people.

How can you fix your life? Well, you can get a hobby. That’s mid-life crisis mode. Go buy a motorcycle or a sports car or a fancy carbon fiber road bike and pretend your newfound external toys create meaning in your life.

Spoiler: fixing yourself externally never works. You’re still the same rutmonster, just with a new haircut.

What do you do? You realize you’re stuck. By the definition of stuck, you’re not moving forward. So, here you sit, months into being stuck with no sign of breaking out. What can you do?

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