Tech? Gossip? 2023H1? nah, it's just a fluke.

tech gossip 2023 first half

imagine if there were a site where you could post things and comment on them, maybe even discuss too?

nah, it would never work.

skipping the commentary cycle this time, but if you wonder why something is here just ask and i’ll write piece by piece.

inclusion here is either great things, odd things, or horrible things. you should know which goes where by now.

some notable highlights include:

  • “programmers” not knowing what perl is or what man pages are
  • a hyper-online ego VC outing his teenage son who is just so into dancing and singing and fashion and creative writing and nobody knows why!!!
  • endless billionaire failures
  • endless high-end of society doing the whole “manufactured consent” thing at scale
  • ai stuff, brain stuff
  • amusing bottom of the barrel advertisements on previous “prestige” brandvertising platforms
  • “smart” people being dumb
  • the obligatory screenshots of developers saying “SERVERS ARE IMPOSSIBLE! ONLY GENIUS BILLIONAIRES WHO HIRE 6,000 STANFORD AND MIT PHDs CAN RUN SERVERS!!!” while they continue paying hosted solutions 50,000% markup on all services they could run for $20/month themselves instead of $10,000 per service per year on some hosted SaaS just wrapping free software anyway.

page is long. sorry / not sorry.