tech gossip 2022-12.5? in december? well i guess

Tech Industry Gossip December.5 2022

here we go again

late breaking news

we start off this batch at the current moment when twitter is in the middle of dropping ban hammers on everybody.

so pg decides to link to an external site…

lol goobye, and still shilling for future-musk on the way out (because the VC code is “you can never say anything bad about rich people who may acquire your failed startups in the future”, also see pg’s unwavering fealty to facebook in the face of every illegal action they’ve taken because FB loves to buy failed YC startups at inflated irrational exit prices)

then it got picked up on HN as “pg quits twitter!”

this is true though. the worst image management pg ever did was commenting on HN (then twitter) in real time because it quickly outed him as “not really all that thoughtful” as he appeared through his online writing which was seemingly directly organized around manipulating young men into “becoming founders” so he could take percentages off the top as passive wealth gains for the least actual work possible.
musk is such a serial scammer our tiny human brains can’t even remember it all — at musk’s first “startup” (“the yellow pages, but ONLINE!”) he actually built a false computer to show investors how “big” they were — he took a regular computer and built a metal box 8x larger than the computer itself as a case just to look “impressive” to the investors (which is actually just outright fraud too, but it hasn’t stopped! thiel-aligned Palantir even just had tons of their friends sit in an office so they could lie to investors about how big the company was during due diligence walkthroughs)

then, mega LOL, his account got suspended outright.

notice the 1.5M followers… this will come into play shortly again!
the tech gallery is revolting
when you’ve lost the crypto wizards you know it’s bad

then… pg’s account comes back, but look all his followers are gone lol. from 1.5M back to zero all in an hour (it was slowly climbing back up in real time which appears to be somebody at twitter manually re-populating DB entries… this account was back to 1M followers last I checked)

good job, chief twit.

when you least expect it, mamma musk appears

a weird thing is mamma musk thinks she’s an online influencer an can “sic her son” on people or flag things like she’s queen of the world.
here she’s amplifying some weird “if journalists don’t do what we say, we will directly abuse them until they agree” viewpoint.
mommy musky doing mommy musky things
pretty sure “aim higher and do it faster” was a voice assistant mishap during a sunday bang bang
leopards vs. face party again

fraud, FRAUD? fraud.

remember during the 2016 and 2020 elections how combinations of russia and republicans had over a million online amplification bots (lol remember the official Tennessee GOP account which ended up being just one huge russia operation)? so yeah, if you create a block list of all online mal-actors, that’s considered “no value” because you found their secret fraud so it’s “socially illegal” to expose them now.

mmm the smell of your own farts in the morning

remember: only you can save the future of 100,000,000,000,000 humans so nothing else matters except your own power structure

speedrunnning the collapse of society one kook at a time

that “tom fitton” weirdo is a combination real world nobody but online republican wacko who is primarily infatuated with his own image (plastic surgery obsessed, steroids en masse) and is basically an embodied repub/russian bot (so of course he’s now like 20% of musk’s online interactions).

unite the right

UTR is the new UTI

farts smell like flowers to musk

sniff sniff britches

the final death of everything being “local social mobile?”

it was also reported recently twitter will soon demand 100% real time location tracking in the app to better “serve ads related to your interests” (probably under the pretense of more “bot crackdown” or something too because nobody has ever found a way to manipulate mobile devices at scale for nefarious purposes).

a new phrase is coined

honestly, “assassination coordinates” should be the new word of the year. i’m going to use it for describing location sharing exclusively from now on. (also this likely outs musk as experiencing concrete paranoid delusions due to his years of heavy “recreational” drug use enabled by his money factories which always turns out well, right?)

good summary of the current state of the world

make gays hetero-normative again with “marriage,” ignore the dying children, capitalist destruction of everything nice.

remember when we regulated “industrialists” and monopolists and oligarchs?

Greene is rolling in his grave.

“only I can save the universe”

ego + drugs + unchecked financial fraud == delusions of godhood

the dog money is off the rails

musk also spends about 20% of his twitter time reply to dog money for some reason

if you haven’t noticed, github has EEE’d git into a corner

github has turned into “repo hosting as an authoritarian service” to such an extent many companies are required to use the github web UI for code changes and can’t manage their development using commandline-only tools anymore (due to things like “PR approval required” or “locked branches” or integrated CI actions).

wwwoke up

fun fact: republican “flood the zone with shit” agitators intentionally manipulated meanings of academic terms like “critical race theory” and “woke” to become meaningless generic anti-left talking points as coalescing anger trigger words. All those terms have actual academic meanings nobody even tries to use anymore.

job growth opportunities in the obesiety industry

what’s a million pills between friends?

what part of “I AM GOD” do you not understand?

more “I actually live a trillion years into the future, so everything I do must have a hyper-exponential impact because only I alone can save the future from the woke mind virus creating things like ‘equality’ or ‘non-quadrillions’”

do they know we can see them?

it’s like watching an episode of rugrats where toddlers plan to take over the house. also how dare you use the precious word voluminous! that’s our word you aren’t allowed to use it!

there’s some snow in your ears

remember the whole snowden leaks where it proved every tech company was required to provide real time user data to the NSA? nah, everything must fit into the FOX NEWS WOKE FBI MIND VIRUS situation box now.

russia russia russia

the hyper-right reality disconnected people love to ignore the million russia-trump aligned amplification bots. you’d have fully anonymous accounts like “MAGA_KING_8383298191” grow to 300,000 twitter followers in 2 weeks due to “bot follower brigades” directly coordinated on twitter (whereas accounts of actual humans existing would take years to reach even 1k followers unless they were either niche or mega celebs).

inside baseball

typical high society fraud speak: “my friends are pure of heart, my enemies are 100% evil and should all just die.”

the cruciatus tweet

this is just unforgivable and there’s no excuse for supporting anything tech-hitler-lite touches anymore.

what’s the collective noun for a summoning of dumbasses?

this is an interesting historical artifact because everybody communicating in this thread is a known fraud (okay, i’m not sure lex is a fraud, but he’s 100% fraud-adjacent via his penchant to be gazing up the colon of every tech fascist out there plus people generally watch his videos on like 8x speed just to make him sound even remotely alive).

a greatness is formed

okay, this is one of the greatest self-owns i’ve seen in a while.

pg is always obsessed with ideas of “the singular great man” whose success requires no other attribution other than your own genetic greatness (yc is basically just a huge “economic eugenics” machine), but sometimes he rake steps so hard everybody dunks on him until he cries (just kidding, he’s not capable of actual introspective judgment, he only expresses disagreement through “essays” because clearly if you write something on a webpage, you can never be wrong).

LIMIT CASE — gotta get that patented “excessive technical math/physics/computer terms into casual conversations” condescension going.
comedy gold
pg calvinball: pg is never wrong, so if you disagree, you “don’t understand” or “aren’t smart” or are an “angry fool” or are “bad faith” commenting.
who created the automation, paul?
this line of questioning has been going around for years: VCs continually say “AI can’t replace VCs because VCs are the smartest divergent opportunity-finding people on the planet! no computer can do what we do!” … don’t worry, the FTX section is next.
in the industry, we call this a “dunkaroo”

the trillion year timeframe continues

tons of low information tech people truly believe in the whole “we must destroy the world today to ensure a better future for our millions of billions of future children”

apple music karaoke


it’s almost like they aren’t ashamed of being frauds

what’s the point in work and ethics when all the rich people got there illegally anyway?

Sapir–Whorf explaining why nobody can imagine better cities

“it’s impossible to put housing next to services! housing must be a 3 hour walk away from all shops! it’s just how the world was made!”

kill it with fire

the “dumbification” of developers has been going on for 20+ years and shows no signs of slowing down. If you don’t care about the actual underlying technology, just leave the industry — you’re only causing damage by expanding your sphere of willful ignorance into the future.
everytime someone online says “i’m a developer, not a sysadmin! i don’t care about networks or operating systems or storage!” just look and see how their companies are overpaying AWS by a couple million a year because they don’t know how anything actually works.

finally a solution: stop talking to everybody

we hear you and we see you (even when you’re sleeping)

how not to openai

you’ll never get hired at a trillion dollar AI incubator with that mindset!


these are reverse-chronology snapshots, so this will be relevant further down the page when we encounter RANDO TWITTER MUSK SYCOPHANT TWEETER

cmake man vs ai man who wins nobody knows

it da tru tru if you’ve ever tried to build all of llvm directly

you do tha hacks? YOU GETS THE CLAMPS

it’s both comedy and tragedy how people show they are working around systems in public combined with not realizing the people owning the systems are reading all the workarounds and restricting them in real time

housing crisis? who cares! just make all buildings 1-story and throw an ikea in the middle.

more like U-KIA
zoom / enhance

who needs thought when you can just repeat lies

if anything, the NYT is a republican psyop masquerading as “liberal” because they do basically 100% hit pieces towards democrats while also promoting the image rehab of as many republicans as possible, but sure, LIBERAL NYTIMES meme triggers the right so it’s a manipulation shortcut.

more people to ban from development

who cares about ethics and privacy? EVERYBODY LIES AND STEALS AND TRACKS! if we don’t LIE AND STEAL AND TRACK we can’t keep up!
they literally can’t understand why global user non-informed-consent tracking is unethical if not outright illegal.

if you fraud a fraudster, who was the victim?

ai blockchain from 2016 wants their memes back

we need space probes to kill alien dinos

it’s an interesting thought i also had for a while: the dinosaurs had to die for humans to evolve. what if there are billions of planets in the universe covered in kinda dumb megafauna in a long term 100+ million year steady state, but the smarter smaller species can’t exploit their niches because of the size oppression?
we basically need space probes to detect alien worlds with megafauna and extinct-ify them, then check back in another 60 million years to see what changed.

what’s up with all the fake accounts

musk also spends about 20% of his twitter time replying to this “Whole Mars Catalog” account which, for what I can tell, is just an alt account for Musk or his direct interests he runs himself?

death to landlords

a recent investigation showed thousands of apartment owners are using “RealPage” as a centralized market-manipulation clearing house where they all coordinate their rate hikes in addition to encouraging extended rental vacancy to keep rents high on more attractive units.
also this “RealPage” acts as a backdoor social credit system where apartments can report you to a private centralized (but non-credit-reporting) database, then all other large apartments will check your “shadow references” against the private company records when you apply.
we need to destroy private equity / REIT / corporate landlord monopolies soon. they found a way to treat millions of humans as investment vehicles as a primary goal instead of providing quality living spaces as a primary goal (so their actual primary goal is always “reduce services” combined with “maximizing rental prices” which also includes advocating for low or zero growth polices as much as possible too)

turn in your developer card

another entry in the “technical people don’t care about anything technical except their own egos” collection

the sleepy mind virus

exponential growth until the last star burns out

doomed: doooooooooooooooooomed

it’s really not in the common social shared reality how far beyond the “last survivable climate cutoff” we are living these days. there’s no saving the planet, there’s only minimizing impact from 5 billion people dying to maybe 3 billion eventually.

police ticketing as a service

driving around a school bus stop sign is both illegal and potentially deadly. it’s not a game.

when you see post, repost

always love the cult list. it applies to so many things in modern monopolist-ego-bound life cycles.

of course


intricacies of running social platforms

there’s law, LAW, then you get the polonium soup (obligatory: in soviet russia, soup delivers you)

apartment notice banner stand

hadn’t noticed my building had a “NO TOURS AFTER DARK” rule. they are so paranoid about people murdering their leasing agents. nobody cares about you, carl, you’re not important enough to even have your name remembered, chuck. (so apparently this means in december, even though the office is open until 6pm, they just stop working at 4pm when it gets dark?)

we (heart) cox

one of my favorite personal web capacity stories: i wanted to check the weather before going out to class in the morning, so i try to load and it just doesn’t respond. i try to reload it a couple times, but it just doesn’t work. maybe the internet is down? so i just wear a jacket anyway. then i get to class and hear people talking about the pentagon? and something about new york? yeah, cnn was down because it was the morning of 9/11 and this was 2001 so web servers ran off improperly load balanced 90 MHz servers with no caches running live java renders for each page.
still, to this day, if a news site doesn’t respond, i start to get a little paranoid and begin loading as many other news sites as i can just to verify the world isn’t ending.


lol what a bunch of losers who think IPs matter or even mobile devices can’t spoof their locations either

we’ve all been there

only staff engineers know about the cyberhex

imagine being “the main guy” with a fractured mind you can’t even see

we do love long form youtube content from passionate people
also this one is basically 100% about what elon musk if he were a video game guy — toxic compulsive liar narcissist syndrome en masse

be gay, do crimes

it’s a great deal if you can swing it

post-cloud, pre-enlightenment

one of the highest value tech consulting opportunities these days is un-fucking “cloud native” companies who think they don’t need operations departments. these companies have no idea how security/networking/storage/latency/throughput/upgrades/compliance/logging/capacity planning all work together in optimized computational harmony.
you can bill over $100k/month by saving companies $200k/year then move on to the next bundle of “cloud native” unfuckery. slurp slurp.

i want to go to there

living the dream. nanoseconds can suck it.

pre-hair-transplant elon always the best elon

musk is concerned with his genetic superiority by running shadow “breed all the musk genes” operations (in reality he likely plans to have upwards of a million descendants in less than 100 years), but he couldn’t even deal with his own broken lineage without plastic surgery to satisfy his own ego.
but this a QT of the NEXT SECTION so look down for more sycophantic drivel!


here’s a weird thread by an ex-musk acolyte who got exited from “the inner circle” but they want to sniff his duodenum so much they are writing their own little Sequoia-inspired -graphy here.

Nothing really new in these, but it’s amazing to watch unhinged people debase themselves at the expense of others because they think it’ll give them better chances at doing an end-run around having to build out their own life/career if they can just suckle billionaire teats a little longer.

yup, climate collapse as billionaires contine flying private jets unnecessarily for every last second vacation or international lunch they just dream up in the morning.
musk == jesus! how could we not have seen it this entire time?!
lol i won’t let you down — looks like you were already kicked out a long time ago so just move on already.


(asterisk) does not include ASSASSINATION COORDINATES or linking to OTHER WEBSITES (oh the humanity! OTHER websites exist?!) or saying anything bad about republicans (FBI FREE SPEECH INTERFERENCE!) or saying bad things about tesla (“tesla will benefit from me controlling all of twitter’s content moderation systems!!!!”)

i can’t hearing you

this was from a court hearing where another musk licker took the stand to just say how awesome and perfect and god-like musk is as a boss and friend and lover and leader. a true god how dare you say otherwise.

red hearing

this was a musk quote from the same hearing about how it’s illegal to stop him because he’s the only one controlling the entire future of humanity on his shoulders (no employees, just by himself) — this was also him justifying his fraudulent compensation packages because it’s illegal to work as a Tesla CEO when his inner-child space fetish is calling in another direction, so it’s just not fair to hold him to “regular people laws.”

another weirdo musk scyophant, but twitter-side

as mentioned above as the “weird musk twitter person” but we can’t tell if she’s a true wacko or if it’s all a lie just to reach her acquisition vesting date.

honestly i do this all the time too

big “i searched my cough on web md then scheduled my own chemotherapy” energy

fb’s global data model had some great answers

rhyming test
stereotype test
person checker

but what if?

interesting thought. also i watched something about mass deaths caused by the whaling industry recently, and since most whalers killed all the largest, oldest, adult whales first, there have been multiple generations of young whales with nobody to “teach them” all the proper things like hunting spots or other “whale facts” passed down from previous generations over potentially thousands of years. people are the worst.

great moments in online history

a now-classic exchange: musk says “too many RPCs!!!” which shows he’s completely ignorant of software development because “RPCs” are a very specific thing but he clearly meant just like “REST API calls” — so an employee/vassal/serf corrects him then gets fired a day later.


another great all time quote

musky mommy milky

the entire “musk clan” are ego-based narcissistic weirdos. musk’s mother tries to be an “online influencer” and talks about how amazing she is for raising multiple serial fraudsters and she thinks she has some actual power standing in the world.

loss, loss, repeat

the problem with crypto-skepticism is yes, we were right, from the beginning in 2009, but since then, btc went from $0.000001 to $70,000 and down to $14,000. so if you were dumb enough to be dumb in 2009, you could have turned $10k into a billion dollars in 10 years.
the problem with frauds is they actually work over short time frames, but you have to exit along the way before everybody wakes up to the scam all at once (which took about 13 years in this fraud cycle).

{the more you know}

there will be a test tomorrow morning

this is commonly known as “weaponized autism”

“we are so smart nobody can understand our goals, so no laws are allowed to apply to us because we break all restraints of society for your own good.”

yeah, we’re doing this too

you can’t imagine a more stereotypical outcome: well connected stanford-professor-parents squeaky voice drug fueled gamer bro just ends up with billions of dollars for no reason other than nobody can ever tell him no? he just kinda failed upwards endlessly with no due diligence or oversight until everybody noticed at the same instant.
this is basically the only summary you need. he had enough of a high status social background where “investors” wanted him and never considered “an elite” would do anything bad (when, like, they all end up doing bad things??? hello???).
the whole i don’t read books thing is actually super common in the “billionaire ego asipe sociopath” sphere. the other sam is also in the “never read books” club because his attention span is only about 3x larger than a goldfish but he still pretends to want to try to read a book one day.
basically the VC frauds endorsing crypto frauds through public media manipulation and financial signaling
experienced billionaire licker available for parties and corporate events
a foregone conclusion
later, in interviews, he said the whole “consider the universe” routine was just a scam to make it seem like he had a goal other than fraud.
meanwhile in the world: people dying from lack of healthcare, people dying from lack of food and shelter, the planet dying from suburban sprawl, billionaires polluting the planet with private planes and ego rockets, a million developers with actual good product ideas can’t get any meetings with investors because lack of “connections”
one of the first things about startups you learn: if you have no competitors, your business is worthless. also if you say you do EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY is your competitor, you are also worthless. but once you reach a certain level of “status” or “privilege,” then people start making all those FORBIDDEN MISTAKES like “bro, just give me $100 million i don’t have an idea i have {vibes}” or “yeah, my app will ORDER BANANAS and FLY ROCKETS and MAKE SEX ROBOTS and OVERTHROW GOVERNMENTS and SING CHILDREN TO SLEEP!!!!” woah bro you are the smartest brodude ever you have my vote 10000/10! we will give you ALL OUR BLOOD!
lol secret weapon indeed. he apparently bought “the EA community” two entire castles to work out of because starbucks and renting office space can’t contain their huge sociopathic aspie brains.
“raised as a utilitarian” — there’s something uncanny valley about people who broadcast their “ethical frameworks” in very concrete terms to such an extent it becomes a marketing point about their own ego.
what is it with magic cards ending up in endless financial frauds?
I interviewed at jane street once: they were fairly rude and condescending for such a basic interview. they didn’t get back to me.
also hilarious how many outright “now in jail” frauds and criminals the “forbes 30 under 30” list accumulates over time.
or not?
the kids are not okay

the verification apocalypse

(dat tru)

it’s like toes defi vs. cefi these days bro trust me

i kinda zone out when people start using weird false words like “tradfi / cefi / defi” not every concept needs to be reduced to 1-2 syllables. why are you hiding what you’re talking about? hmmmm? is it all frauds in the fraudiverse???

more people who don’t deserve jobs

“everybody else just murders vagrants for their organs, so why can’t we?”

order up: one musk scyophant ready to plate

labels? you mean identity? you mean WOKE IDENTITY POLITICS?
check off
got it in one
kill all the cows
i have an extension to instant block people using their profile as a resume or as a braggart “history of acquisitions” log
yes, I’m sure “Mike Maples” is a real person. he probably lives with “Jake Oakley” – also this “love and respect” was after the mass firing spree, so this is an ugly account complicit in illegal firings.

all speech fit to tweet

meep meep! (sorry, “meep meep” is against our retroactive TOS, you are now suspended for cause)


lol how time flies


was excited to see NSP sign across from trader joe’s, but i waited too long and it was sold out. will have to summon the kraken another time.

A. Wang, you say?

he’s another “elite-adjacent near-term fraud” like the others except he’s “the youngest billionaire” with an outsized ego to match (the whole “be wary of people with too little life experience giving too much forward-looking generalized advice”)

back to fraud, back to fraudality

musk: would you die for my right to own the libs?
weird people: yes.

there’s wrong then there’s WRONG

this inspired my other linked list rant because this is flat out wrong: there is no such thing as a magic CPU pre-fetch instruction to load future linked list nodes from pointers. They are confusing the concept of linear array cache line pre-fetching with random pointer traversal.

build back better

we all deserve to just live in the dirt. japan can build a train across their entire country in two weeks for like $3.50 but for a 40 mile train the US needs $50 billion and 70 years (and probably 300 various lawsuits along the way too).

P = P

not wrong at all. while everybody is freaking out about twitter censorship, gmail is just chilling in the corner blocking millions of valid emails everyday due to google’s “spam black box” you can’t get out of unless you use google for all your services directly because monopoly gonna monopo.

Fs in chat

the most annoying thing (okay, maybe im a triggered) with late-2022 republican musk is he’s only engaging with the literal worst accounts on the platform. His most frequent interactions are all accounts that should have been banned for republican anti-west manipulation campaigns over the past 5 years, but he’s just promoting them and reinforcing all of them in an outright anti-west/pro-authoritarian bent.

droppin facts

fun fact: in 2008, google did acquire one or two “microblogging” platforms, but they just deleted them after acquisition and all the employees entered a standard “rest and vest” cycle until they got their final payouts (also a cause in google code dying because that’s where some of the “rest and vest” employees went, and they had no intention of improving the service so github just outgrew all the lazy unmotivated google code employees within two years)

birth me daddy

there aren’t enough horses in the world.
though, it also goes unspoken how billionaires basically have access to as many shady cloning labs around the world as they want? i wouldn’t be surprised if musk has a couple hundred identical child clones in hiding somewhere since he’s so obsessed with his own reproductive legacy.

lol 3-5 years? try 3-5 months.

always hate to see the toadies on the orange site, but it’s what they are known for these days. lol “return to platform neutrality and free speech” — online nerds sure get up in arms about the concept of “free speech” which doesn’t apply to companies at all and can’t exist when automated posting is possible (because then you get millions of insincere bot influence accounts trying to trick the fox news mindset viewers into “OUR WORLD VIEW IS THE CORRECT ONE! EVERYONE ELSE IS YOUR ENEMY!” via repetitive reinforcement)

vim 4 lyf

i still refuse to use vscode because the vscode undo buffer is “too wide” and doesn’t match my vim brain. in vim i can type, pause, undo, and it undoes the recent action. in vscode, if i hit undo, sometimes it undoes like 3-6 unrelated blocks of things and jumps back 5 minutes (and it also aggressively jumps the cursor out of the current page)… something feeling as simple as “undo” has actually been micro-bug-fixed a thousand times over 30 years and you can’t just replace it with the normie MS Word undo engine.

fork deez meatballs

hostile open source maintainers often take a “we don’t cooperate with you, just fork it if you don’t like us” viewpoint while ignoring (or relying on) the entire modern package ecosystems being fully single-origin-namespaced so, no, vendoring every package that refuses your upstream patches isn’t “easy” unless you employ an entire full time packaging department on your own or unless you give up on nice namespaced packages and only install from repo URLs directly (but then direct repo URLs have their own problems if your packages are like on github but private, then you need extra keys and compliance and blah blah)

never never never

“cloud” is never cheaper than a properly architected datacenter deployment. I can buy real hardware with a terabyte of RAM and 1 million NVMe IOPS today for the price of 2 weeks of 1 million IOPS in AWS; not to mention things like metered or flat-rate throughput billing and actually controlling your internal network latency with actual network architecture instead of “fire a deploy and hope the network tenancy is good enough.”

smore or sless?

serverless (“serverless”) is useful if your organization is not computationally bound and your organization is somewhat architecturally lazy where you don’t want to organize proper tenancy or optimize your cost usage. You need to run 10 tasks? sure, fire up 10 temporary things, even though it would run cheaper and just as fast all on the same instance if you had proper tools in place.
“the cloud” is shorthand for mostly outsourcing your own incompetence at scale (which millions of developers are happy to do!)

once more unto the delusions

every “cloud” discussion has weird defenders coming out saying hardware is literally impossible because you need 30,000 google PhD brains to configure network switches and install operating systems on industry standard hardware.

a new marketing campaign

can’t make it up (this is the nice corner too, the other corner has 8 tents all overtaking the sidewalk)

lol wut

if you have “senior devs” doing operations, then congrats, you have a stealth operations department and are overworking/underpaying your employees.
and about “monitoring” — do you know how to run monitoring? do you know how to write monitors? do you know how often to monitor your services? do you know which metrics to export? are you running monitoring by sampling or by submitting? who evaluated monitoring systems for your company? prom/vm? grafana? some other hosted garbage? who installed those? where are they running? who is monitoring the monitoring servers? or are you just using “cloud monitoring” and paying a 100,000% markup on just storing integers in a table somewhere?
who understands things? do you know the difference between VPCs and subnets? Do you know the difference between public/private/internal subnets? Do you know how CPU/memory/IOPS/network all work together for launching new services? Do you know how NAT gateway traffic is billed differently than everything else?
but who cares bro because like woah there’s a cloud api!!!!

who will trust the trusters

(fire emoji)

flat fact

a very true viewpoint and tons of companies are running “zero ops” with huge cost impacts and security issues they don’t even know about because ops ignorance helps your ego feel bigger

all fed up and nowhere to go

not wrong; the concept of “developer” is basically a non-professional position where you’re mostly expected to be a hybrid assembly line worker plus be your own manager plus manage an entire floor of automation plus be responsible for all legal issues for the entire building as well. in reality many developer jobs should be split out into 2 or 3 individual people instead of constantly “overloading via automation” when the automation isn’t 100% self contained and still requires manual knowledge and work to function optimally.

uno revese card: we fired the C-level execs instead

truly okay

the best work is no work at all
honestly, count how many people you’ve worked with who would have made your life easier if they just never did anything at all instead of constantly breaking things you have to clean up?

dev + ops = doepvs

“devops” is another term of management perversion like how “woke” or “critical race theory” lost all meaning.
“devops” means two things: allowing developers to deploy, maintain, upgrade, restart their own services; and for those maintenance tasks, you run drills so nothing catches you off guard (practice failover, practice restoring backups, practice on call escalation failures).
at no point does “devops” mean you just “don’t have an operations department” or “never maintain your servers” or “nobody understands networking and systems”

full stack… OF CRAP

the joke around 2011 used to be “yeah, i’m a full stack engineer: javascript on the front-end and the backend!!” but then somewhere around 2015 it stopped being a joke and suddenly became the actual definition of “full stack”

example of fragile developer ego

classic example: “developer” says they are “too good” or “too important” to do low class work like “understanding how computers work”
you don’t care about the systems, but the systems also don’t care about you not caring, so they’ll crash on a saturday at 3am with no redundancy and no failover and you’ll have no idea what to do except “learn on the job” and you’ll spend 16 hours acting like an amateur baby trying to repair something through trial-and-error that would have auto-recovered in 90 seconds if competent operations were in play.
touch me in the devops

another tech god tells everybody they are wrong

extrovert tries to extrovert the rest of the world
go back to your midnight rave, you dirty extrovert


approached my usual walk from another direction and thought i saw a shortcut on the map back to the usual path… turns out the shortcut was just the backside of the trail going basically vertical until it met up with the regular trail. had some lookouts though.
zoom / enhance
sure you can spot jeff the friendly lizard bro, but can you spot annabelle the rattlesnake?

again, death to landlords

good thing twitter is dead now so we can’t organize against mass market landlord monopoly abuse

oh, i’m sorry i couldn’t hear you over the WOKENESS

truly the woke mind virus has captured him too
but really, politics is so broken because “kill the gays” and “free healthcare” are both politics. sure you can compromise with “the tax rate should be 25%” vs. “tax rate 23%” but you can’t compromise with “kill all your family and yes we have all the guns and we are going to threaten you until you move back to Denmark”

where’s CPS when you need them

society will only heal when we stop weird rich people from brainwashing their children into also being weird rich people. take away everybody’s children and raise them in a commune or something.

all time greats

honestly, perfection. also dovetails into the previous “founders don’t need employees if they have automation!” spiel.

subtweeing the WOKE MIND VIRUS

youth billionaires have weird twitter speech patterns where they speak in like half thought out fortune cookie koans and never actually engage in good faith discussions (because they can’t actually defend the history of their wealth accumulation or their goals or their increasingly broken and isolated worldviews)

and a big FU to U too

perhaps weirdest “oppressed billionaire” is andressen who has been on a pro-republican, anti-west, pro-monopoly, anti-regulation bent for half his life now. it encourages others to go “mask-off” around him too.

blast from the past

oh, these go with the ones previously but got disconnected. enjoy more twitter snarks!
also that “Dan Go” can “Go” take a flying leap with his “founder superiority / employee inferiority” viewpoint.
flying leap, go take one, Mr. “outsized risk to make millions” and “raised $5m in a few weeks.”
it’s such a small leap of logic from “my work is more valuable than my compensation” but few people ever actually declare it, so we’re stuck in a never ending cycle of “the rich get richer” exploitation (where the goal is for you to eventually become so powerful you can exploit others for your own gain as well!).
jeff bro-zos is so wonderful and smart!
yes, founders do not deserve to be rich. nobody deserves to be rich. everybody deserves to be comfortable, but if the base level of society is “awful low quality pain garbage,” and “rich” is the only way to have even a nice “upper middle class” lifestyle, then… we’re done for.
it’s like they are all alien anthropologists studying humanity far removed
isn’t it amazing how the billionaires are all MAXIMUM AMBITION and MAXIMUM RISK and MAXIMUM FUTURE with no concerns for cost of living or healthcare or debt or anything really? Just BE HARDCORE and CREATE THE FUTURE purely from your mind alone (and their secret stashes of gold and guns and antibiotics and distributed underground bunker networks and hundreds of millions of dollars in cash).
classic “i used to think {something i thought was smart}, but then {something even smarter i observed}”
“ever” — musk says this too a lot “tesla is the most powerful software ever created” — “humanity AI will be the most important human endeavor ever (which I fully control now)” — … — (vomit emoji)
they can never explain what “censorship” means. twitter “censorship” was taking down mass manipulation bots and inauthentic accounts trying to destabilize society or cause mass panic or mass damage or mass misinformation (reality-based objectivism). so what is “censored?”
they got “chicken little” censored by “THE LAPTOP FROM HELL” because it was the 10th russian misinformation campaign except this time russian spies actually stole hardware instead of hacking emails remotely.
my new billing rate just dropped
newsflash: as i was finalizing this, pg had his account suspended for linking off twitter.
newsflash: as i was finalizing this, pg said he’s no longer using twitter, then said it’s just temporary, then got banned by the new policies. i think the youths call this a “simpfail”
amusing, but inaccurate. they weren’t diamonds, they were illegal apartheid chaos emeralds which musk continues the legacy of in his current companies through rampant racism and anti-worker policies.
can you feel the wisdom of the billionaires washing over your very soul? so wise. truly the best of humanity.
raise your hand if your own infrastructure isn’t as shit as all of twitter.
i hope somebody dissects pg’s brain one day so we can find “the startup center” and develop a proper vaccine against it.
more musk crypto fraud evidence
always classic quote: “how did you go bankrupt? well, first slowly, then all at once.”
“too high profile to ever say anything meaningful” vs “i really just want to act like an unhinged 8 year old online”
also “the elite” have some weird obsession with twitter being a “controlling media outlet” as if the world stops existing when twitter goes offline? i don’t get it. it’s like these people have only ever known single-origin closed source privately owned platforms and not like any of the other million public online forums all over the world.
musk had just mentioned he “fixed the bot problem”
calvinball. muskball.
amusing watching “the elite” suddenly find their evaluation criteria — standardized tests! — don’t actually count when their precious children aren’t as smart as they want them to be based on “the tests”
“no, the tests must be wrong, clearly my children aren’t dumbasses”
“othering” “journalists” sure what could go wrong
king of the startups is surprised companies not run by 22 year old rich guys can do things.

more “othering” “journalists” sure let’s see what could go wrong:

In 1922 Adolf Hitler used the accusation of the “lying press” for the Marxist press. In the Mein Kampf chapter on war propaganda, he described what he saw as the extraordinary effect of enemy propaganda in the First World War. He criticized German propaganda as ineffective and called for ‘better’ propaganda, which, allegedly like that of the English, French or Americans, was to be oriented towards psychological effectiveness. Accusations of “lying” against domestic journalism can be found in his speeches

“Lügenpresse” is such a defamatory word that it was branded a taboo word in Germany in 2015 by an academic panel of linguists after anti-Islam movements started using the word to describe journalists, according to The Washington Post. And although the direct translation may not seem overly offensive to many, in modern-day Germany “Lügenpresse” carries an ugly meaning and an upsetting history.

For example, the context behind the term “Lügenpresse” was an important tool for propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels’ agenda for Nazi Germany under Hitler’s rule, in which millions of people — including Jewish political opponents, and homosexuals — were killed in concentration camps from 1933 to 1945.

nobody cares. literally nobody.
more “with infinite money and no social or personal concerns, anything is possible!”
fortune cookie billionaire wisdom
“alpha” is a huge sign somebody is completely off the rails.
[citation needed]
did not age well.
mommy blogging except about your 50 year old children. also, “CEO of YouTube” is because she was married to a Google founder. Also “23andMe” because she was married to the other google founder.
“They rose to the top of male-dominated professions, by leaching off powerful men themselves instead of creating their own standalone success.”
“inborn” == startup eugenics.
cool story bro
what’s the dimensionality of curiosity and time? so the cross product will be huge? who has time for that? you need an attention mechanism or you’ll just, as you pointed out elsewhere, just blindly go from task to task being “curious” but ineffective about everything for your entire life except for rare spurts of focus which will fade almost immediately…. oh wait… so that… that… that is you exactly. signed sealed delivered.