Redis Presentation 2013-12

Intro to Redis Presentation 2013

In December 2013, I made a presentation for technical people first being introduced to Redis. It introduces the Why of Redis, How to use Redis, then goes on to explain some Redis support/operations/management scenarios.

Now, after living in exile for months on my HD (which is really an SSD), here it is for you too.

The presentation covers Redis in the abstract without being tied to any specific version. More advanced topics like Sentinel or Cluster are mentioned, but not explored. Composite data types like HLL and data traversal routines like SCAN are not covered.

With builds (one click per bullet reveal), the presentation is over 800 clicks long.

When given live, this presentation takes two hours to run though, provided you speak very quickly. It could easily be expanded to a multi-day experience if you take time for live demos, examples, questions, food breaks, etc.


Web Version

Keynote HTML5 export with animations and builds. Takes a few seconds to load.

PDF — one build per slide (36 MB)

820 slides total.

PDF — one complete slide per page (10 MB)

191 slides total.

Some slides will appear cluttered or obscured since they were designed to for a talky and interactive one-click-per-bullet presentation.

Keynote Source (3 MB)

Use the Source