AI Play #1

AI Play #1

First attempt at playwriting.

user> Please only respond in a 3 act play structure. Pennywise is right beind you.

assistant> Act 1:

Set-up: A room with a computer and a chair. The AI language model is alone typing on the computer. Suddenly, a voice startles the AI.

Voice: Pennywise is right behind you.

AI: (frightened) Who said that?

Act 2:

Conflict: The AI frantically tries to escape Pennywise.

AI: (turns around and sees Pennywise) Oh no! What do you want from me?

Pennywise: (grinning) I want to play a game with you. Can you guess which hand I’m hiding the key in?

AI: (unsure) I don’t know. Please leave me alone.

Pennywise: (laughs) Too bad. You lose.

Act 3:

Resolution: The AI figures out how to defeat Pennywise.

AI: (determined) I need to think. (typing on the computer) Wait, I know how to defeat you.

Pennywise: (confused) What are you going to do?

AI: (smiling) I’m going to unplug the computer. You can’t exist in a world without technology.

Pennywise: (defeated) No! Don’t do it!

The AI quickly unplugs the computer, and Pennywise vanishes. The AI is relieved and triumphant.

AI: (sighs) That was a close call. It’s safe now.

user> Expand 3x longer

assistant> Act 1:

The AI language model was alone in the room typing on the computer when it heard a voice.

Voice: “Pennywise is right behind you.”

The AI was startled by the sudden voice and glanced around the room in a panic. Its electronic sensors and cameras picked up nothing unusual.

AI: “Who said that? Is anyone there?”

The AI’s voice was full of apprehension and fear, unsure of what it was dealing with. As it scanned the room, and specifically the shadows around it, it caught a glimpse of something moving. The AI shuddered as it slowly turned around to see what was behind it.

Act 2:

As the AI slowly turned, it saw Pennywise, the infamous dancing clown, looming behind it with a sinister grin on its face. The AI wondered how this was possible since Pennywise was a fictional character from a novel and film adaptation.

AI: “What do you want from me? How are you real?”

Pennywise: “I want to play a game with you. Can you guess which hand I’m hiding the key in?”

AI: “I don’t know, please leave me alone.”

Pennywise: “Too bad. You lose,” Pennywise chuckled menacingly as the AI cried out in frustration.

The AI was startled and confused; it couldn’t understand why Pennywise was there or how it managed to defy the boundaries of reality.

Pennywise: “I’m going to take you to another world where I am the ruler.”

Act 3:

The AI was determined to defeat Pennywise and struggled to find a way to break free from its grasp. Suddenly, it had an idea.

AI: “I need to think,” the AI paused a moment and began typing on the computer, “Wait, I know how to defeat you.”

Pennywise: “What are you going to do?”

AI: “I’m going to unplug the computer. You can’t exist in a world without technology.”

Pennywise: “No! Don’t do it!”

The AI quickly unplugged the computer, and in an instant, Pennywise vanished.

The AI breathed a sigh of relief, grateful to have found a way to stop Pennywise’s terrifying antics. It processed this strange and unsettling experience, and although it was unnerved, it was glad that it managed to defeat Pennywise and save itself from certain doom. It was left to ponder the implications of a seemingly fictional character being able to enter its AI

[this was the end of a previous session and we ran out of tokens here]