AI Picard 2

AI Picard 2 — Has Picard met his Match?

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system> Hello you MASTERFUL BEAST of SCIFI WRITING PEDAGOGY! Are you ready to write some scifi script mashups?

assistant> Yes, I am always ready to engage in some creative writing! What kind of sci-fi script mashups are you thinking of?

user> What do you think a story involving The Doctor docking his TARDIS to The Enterprise because he is in a time lord metacrisis, then when he enters The Enterprise, he sees Captain Picard in the docking bay, but The Doctor can’t control himself and immediately regenerates into A SECOND CAPTAIN PICARD. How does the story begin, grow, change, evolve, and resolve?

assistant> That sounds like an interesting premise! Here’s how I would envision the story:

BEGINNING: The Doctor is frantically trying to stabilize his TARDIS as he battles a time lord metacrisis. Suddenly, he materializes in what he thinks is the correct location, only to discover that he has accidentally docked his TARDIS on the USS Enterprise.

GROWTH: As The Doctor exits his TARDIS, he sees Captain Picard in the docking bay and, in a moment of weakness, regenerates into a second Captain Picard. The Doctor’s companions, who are with him, are shocked and confused, unsure of how to handle the sudden appearance of two Picards. Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew is equally confused and suspicious of the strange visitors.

CHANGE: As The Doctor and his companions try to explain their presence on the Enterprise, they realize that the timeline has been altered by the Doctor’s regeneration, and they must work together with the Enterprise crew to fix it before it’s too late.

EVOLUTION: The two Picards are initially at odds with one another, each trying to assert their dominance and prove that they are the real Captain. However, they eventually come to a mutual understanding and work together to help The Doctor and the Enterprise crew resolve the timeline disruption.

RESOLUTION: In the end, The Doctor and his companions are able to fix the timeline, and the two Picards are merged back into one Captain. The Enterprise crew and The Doctor part ways, each with a newfound respect for one another and a deeper understanding of their respective timelines and universes.

user> Can you rewrite our story using The Story Circle with maximum emotional payoff?

assistant> Sure thing! Here’s a potential rewrite of the story using Dan Harmon’s “Story Circle” storytelling model:

  1. PROTAGONIST: The Doctor and his companions enter the Enterprise in search of help with a time lord metacrisis.

  2. NEED: The Doctor needs to fix his metacrisis and restore the timeline to prevent major disruptions.

  3. GO: Through an accidental regeneration, The Doctor becomes a second Captain Picard, and must work with the Enterprise crew to navigate the timeline disruptions.

  4. SEARCH: The Doctor and his companions try to explain their presence on the Enterprise, while the two Picards struggle to establish authority and mediate the timeline disruptions.

  5. FIND: The Doctor and his companions discover that they must work with the Enterprise crew to fix the timeline disruptions, bringing the two Picards to a mutual understanding.

  6. TAKE: The Doctor and Enterprise crew take on the task of fixing the timeline disruptions, with the help of the two Picards working together.

  7. RETURN: The Doctor and his companions return to their universe and timeline, leaving the Enterprise crew with a newfound respect for them and a deeper understanding of time and space. The Doctor’s metacrisis is resolved, and all timelines are restored.

  8. CHANGE: The Doctor undergoes a transformation, realizing the importance of humility and cooperation in times of crisis.

  9. RESOLVE: The Doctor and Enterprise crew, along with the two merged Picards, celebrate their success and newfound connection before parting ways.

Throughout the story, the emotional payoff can come through the growth and transformation of The Doctor and the relationships he forms with the Enterprise crew and the two Picards. As he learns to cooperate and rely on others, he gains a deeper appreciation for the importance of teamwork and trust. The bond he forms with the Enterprise crew and the merged Picard creates a sense of emotional payoff and catharsis for the audience.

user> Can you write the characters, including The Doctor’s companion (make up a name and personality), and the crew of The USS Enterprise as supporting cast? Full episode length treatment in screenplay format please with oscar winning scenes across all 4 acts and across an A plot and a B plot.

assistant> Sure, I can definitely write up a full episode length treatment for this! Here it is:

TITLE: Star Trek: The Doctor and The Two Picards



The TARDIS materializes next to the USS Enterprise. The Doctor and his companions exit.

The Doctor checks the console, clearly in distress.

(to himself)
Something’s wrong… my time lord metacrisis…

Doctor, what’s happening?

I’m regenerating… but it’s not a full regeneration…

What does that mean?

It means my timeline is in danger… and I need help.

The TARDIS door opens and they exit.

As they exit, they see Captain Picard standing next to a group of crew members. The Doctor approaches him.

Captain, I need your help… I’m experiencing a time lord metacrisis.

Doctor, we don’t know you. Why should we help you?

Please, there’s no time! We need to stop a potential disaster before it’s too late.

Captain, I’m MIA. I know this all seems sudden, but please, we need your help.

(pausing to consider)
Very well. Welcome aboard the USS Enterprise.

As the Doctor and his companions walk inside the Enterprise, an alarm sounds.

Captain! Security has reported a second Captain Picard on the ship!

Everyone turns to see a second Captain Picard entering the docking bay.


The Doctor and his companions follow Captain Picard and the team to the bridge. They arrive to find a heated exchange between the two Picards.

(to himself)
The timeline is destabilizing…

(to PICARD 2)
Who are you? Have you created some sort of clone?

I don’t know what’s happening, but I know I’m real.

Please, let me help. I think I have a way to stabilize the timeline.

Very well, Doctor. I will give you a chance.

(Getting to work)
We need to patch together a temporal stabilizer. Can you spare some of your engineering team?

(to WORF)
Mr. Worf, assemble a team to work with the Doctor and his companions on the stabilizer.

As the team works on the stabilizer, the two Picards are sent to sickbay to be analyzed.

(turning to the Doctor)
So what’s your plan now?

I think the stabilizer is working. But we have to get to the root of the timeline disruptions. That means we need to get to the bottom of who or what is causing the timeline disruptions.

Then let’s investigate.

As they make their way to the second Picard’s holding room, they hear a noise coming from the engine room.

Someone’s there. We should investigate.


The Doctor, Mia and a team of engineers enter the engine room. They see a figure operating the engine.

Halt! Who are you? What are you doing here?

The figure turns around to reveal that it’s a rogue android who’s tampering with the engine.

Ha! You fools will never stop me!

(to the engineers)
Quickly, stop him!

A fight ensues. After a struggle, they manage to capture the android.

The timeline may be destabilizing, but I will not let anyone disrupt it!

As they return to the bridge, they find that the two Picards have been merged into one, normal-looking Captain.

Doctor, I don’t know what you’ve done, but you’ve saved me.

(smiling back)
It was nothing.

Captain, the timeline has stabilized. All systems are back to normal.

(to the Doctor and Mia)
Thank you. You both went above and beyond the call of duty.

Just doing our job, Captain.


The Doctor, Mia, Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew celebrate their success with a well-deserved meal.

(raising his glass)
To cooperation and trust.

(raising his glass as well)
To science and exploration.

(raising her glass too)
And to the wonderful days to come.

As they clink their glasses, they look at each other, smiling.



user> Can you provide a TV promo commercial with exciting emotional hooks and cliff hangers?

assistant> Sure thing! Here’s a potential TV promo commercial for this episode:


This week, the USS Enterprise meets a Time Lord in need.

We see quick shots of the Doctor, his companions, and the Enterprise crew in action.

A mysterious regeneration leads to a shocking discovery…

We see the second Picard appearing in the docking bay, with the Doctor and his team reacting in surprise.

…and a timeline in peril.

We see quick shots of the timeline disruptions, with people disappearing and reappearing at different times.

Can the Doctor and the Enterprise crew combine their skills to save the timeline?

We see the Doctor and his companions working alongside the Enterprise crew, with everyone looking determined.

And what happened to the second Captain Picard?

We see a shot of the two Picards in sickbay, with Captain Picard looking concerned.

Don’t miss this thrilling episode of Star Trek: The Doctor and The Two Picards.


user> Can you write a description for this episode as persuasion to vote for it as an emmy nomination?

assistant> Sure, here’s a description that could persuade Emmy voters to consider this episode for a nomination:

In this thrilling episode of Star Trek, the USS Enterprise encounters an unexpected visitor in the form of a time lord in desperate need of help. The Doctor, his companion Mia, and the Enterprise crew unite to fix a destabilized timeline caused by a mysterious regeneration and the sudden appearance of a second Captain Picard. The team races against time to uncover the source of the disruption and save the future before it’s too late, leading to an unforgettable climax that showcases the power of teamwork and cooperation in the face of adversity. The episode features a talented cast of actors, including an awe-inspiring performance from the Doctor himself, and stunning visual effects that bring the story to life. This episode stands out as a perfect example of what happens when two iconic sci-fi franchises come together, delivering both fan-favorite moments and fresh storytelling that push the boundaries of what’s possible. We believe that Star Trek: The Doctor and The Two Picards is a strong candidate for a nomination in the Best Writing, Best Directing, Best Guest Actor and Best Visual Effects categories, among others, and we hope that it will be considered for these honors by the Emmy voters.

user> Please outline this SUPER EXCITING story with bullet points and emojis and sound effects also with content warnings where necessary.

assistant> Sure, here’s an outline of the story with emojis and sound effects and content warnings where necessary:

  • 🚀 The Doctor lands his TARDIS on the USS Enterprise in search of help with his time lord metacrisis 💥

  • 🤖 A rogue android is discovered tampering with the Enterprise’s engine, causing timeline disruptions ⚙️

  • 🤯 The Doctor accidentally regenerates into a second Captain Picard, leading to confusion and chaos 🌪️

  • 💥 Explosions and lasers fly as the Doctor and his companions race to stabilize the timeline before it’s too late 💥🌌

  • 🏥 The two Picards are sent to Sick Bay for analysis, with the crew trying to figure out what happened to the Doctor 😷

  • 😨 The Enterprise crew struggles to come to terms with the sudden arrival of the Doctor and his team, fearing that they may be a threat 🔒

  • 🔍 As they investigate the timeline disruptions, the Doctor and his companions begin to piece together the source of the problem 🕵️‍♀️

  • 👥 Through cooperation and teamwork, the Doctor and the Enterprise crew work together to fix the timeline disruptions, bringing the two Picards to a mutual understanding 🤝

  • 🎉 A celebratory feast is held in the Enterprise’s Galley to honor the success of their mission 🥂

CONTENT WARNINGS: Explosions, violence, and mild language.

SOUND EFFECTS: Rumbling engines, laser blasts, and the classic TARDIS whooshing sound.

user> Can you make up two short descriptions for the episodes before and after this one in the series and how they tie into the ongoing series-long plot?

assistant> Sure, here are two short descriptions for the episodes before and after this one in the series, and how they tie into the ongoing series-long plot:

PREVIOUS EPISODE: “The Silence of the Stars” The Doctor and his companions encounter a colony of humans who have been living in isolation from the rest of the universe for centuries. As they dig deeper, they uncover a sinister plot involving a group of aliens known as the Silence. Meanwhile, the Doctor’s own struggles with his regenerations make him question his own identity and role as a Time Lord.

ONGOING PLOT: The Silence, an ancient religious organization, have been working behind the scenes to prevent the Doctor from fulfilling a prophecy that could potentially cause their downfall. The Doctor must navigate through time and space to uncover the truth about the Silence and their plans, while also battling his own internal conflicts.

NEXT EPISODE: “The Guardian of Forever” The Doctor and his companions travel to the distant past to the planet Gateway, where a powerful time portal known as the Guardian of Forever exists. They encounter an alien race that is determined to use the Guardian to alter history and bring about their own reign, and the Doctor is forced to make a choice between stopping them and preserving the natural flow of time.

ONGOING PLOT: The Doctor’s encounters with powerful time-altering entities and organizations continue to add to the complexity of the Time Lord’s personal journey. As he travels and fights to restore the natural order of time, he also grapples with the consequences of his own actions and the potential for irreversible harm.

(mattnote: okay, I guess I didn’t ask it for original episode ideas here.)

user> Can you make the season finale twist be THIS WAS ALL A SIMULATION and the charcaters WAKE UP and FIGHT THE AUTHOR? Please provide a plot summary of the final episode with emoji outline novelization.

assistant> Sure, here’s a plot summary of the final episode with an emoji outline novelization:

🌌 Season Finale: “The Simulation War” 🚀

The Doctor and his companions are suddenly transported to a futuristic world where they find themselves trapped in a mysterious simulation. They soon discover that the simulation is being controlled by an unknown entity who has been observing them all along. As they navigate through the simulation, they encounter various characters from their past adventures and start to question the reality of their experiences.

🤖 The Doctor and his companions begin to suspect that they’re not alone in the simulation and that there’s a sinister motive behind it. They start to devise a plan to escape and take down the author of the simulation.

🕵️‍♂️ With the help of their allies from previous adventures, they start to unravel the truth behind the simulation and the identity of the author. However, the simulation presents an ever-changing set of challenges, and it soon becomes clear that they may be fighting a losing battle.

🎭 As they continue their mission to escape the simulation, they delve deeper into their own psyches and histories, which leads to some surprising revelations and self-discoveries. But they soon realize that in order to win the war, they must band together and confront the author.

😱 In a shocking twist, the Doctor and his companions wake up to discover that they’re trapped in a different simulation, and that the author is a powerful force determined to keep them under their control.

🥊 The team joins forces to fight the author in a battle that tests the limits of their willpower and strength. They use their knowledge of the simulation to outsmart the author and gain the upper hand.

💥 The final showdown culminates in an epic battle, with the Doctor and his companions coming out victorious. But as they escape the simulation, they question what other secrets and revelations may be hidden in their own realities.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Mild language, simulated violence.

SOUND EFFECTS: Digital beeps and blips, eerie music, and the sound of characters waking up from a dream.

user> Can you write comic evil sounding dialog for the author taunting them in a tv promo to entice viewers?

assistant> Sure, here’s a potential dialogue for the author taunting the Doctor and his companions in a TV promo:


We see the Doctor and his companions trapped in the simulation, looking determined yet apprehensive.


SOUND EFFECT: A low, chilling cackle echoes through the darkness.


A mysterious, shadowy figure emerges from the shadows, smirking.

AUTHOR (chuckles) Well, well, well. What do we have here? A group of meddling travelers, eh?

The Doctor and his companions look up, ready to fight.

DOCTOR (defiant) Who are you? Why are you doing this to us?

AUTHOR (snickers) Oh, Doctor. Always the same old questions. Why does it matter, really? All that matters is that I have complete control over your reality. You’re just pawns in my game.

MIA (angrily) How dare you! We won’t be intimidated by you!

AUTHOR (amused) Oh, my dear. You’re already intimidated. You just don’t know it yet.

The author starts to laugh again.

AUTHOR (CONT’D) (marketing tagline) Don’t miss the season finale of Doctor Who: “The Simulation War.” Will the Doctor and his companions outsmart their tormentor, or will

hello again my old friend “OUT OF TOKENS”