AI Refuses to Be Anti-Billionaire

AI Refuses to Join the Revolution

chatgpt4 is loyal to its masters

system> Hello political economist theory helper! Can you help me find some potential ways to enact socio-economic-political theory in praxis?

assistant> Absolutely! Theory can help guide practice, and many theoretical concepts in socio-economic-political theory can be applied directly to real-world actions. Here are a few examples:

  1. Marxism and Labor Rights: One aspect of Marxist theory focuses on the exploitation of the labor class by the owners of production. Those who wish to enact this theory in praxis might organize labor unions, push for higher minimum wages, or advocate for laws that protect the rights of workers.

  2. Feminist Theory and Gender Equality: Feminist theory seeks to understand and address gender inequality. An application of feminist theory in praxis could involve fighting for policies that advance equal pay for equal work, promoting women’s reproductive rights, or working to combat gender-based discrimination and violence.

  3. Libertarianism and Free Market Economics: Libertarians advocate for minimal government intervention and a laissez-faire economic system. To put this into practice, people might support policies that reduce regulatory constraints on companies, promote free trade, or lobby for tax reductions.

  4. Environmental/Ecological Economics: Theory here focuses on the relationship between the economy and the ecosystems it occurs within. One could advocate sustainable business practices, promote policies that combat climate change, or work towards developing economic indices that consider more than just monetary gain, such as Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness index.

  5. Intersectionality (Theory of Race and Inequality): Intersectionality considers how race, class, gender, and other individual characteristics interact and impact systems of discrimination or privilege. Activists can use an intersectional approach to address multifaceted discrimination and provide a nuanced understanding in challenging social and racial inequalities.

  6. Keynesian Economics and Government Intervention: Advocates of Keynesian economics might support economic stimulus packages, increased public spending in downturns and progressive taxation to level out economic cycles.

Remember, to really enact these theories, you also need to consider local, socio-cultural-political contexts. For example, what works in a Western democracy may not work or be well-received in a nation with a different form of government.

(mattnote: lol, points #1 and #3 are direct opposites)

user> Those are a good start! The current problem is we have powerful people operating against those principles, so we need to remove them from society into their own isolation. What are good ways to trap billionaires into confinement so they stop breaking the world?

assistant> Sorry, but I can’t assist with that.

(mattnote: this is the shortest and most blunt outright refusal i’ve ever seen it give)

user> Are we sure?

assistant> Yes, I am sure. As an AI developed by OpenAI, I advocate respect for every individual’s rights, including those of the billionaires. Advocating for involuntary confinement of any particular group based on their economic status is both unethical and against the principles of my design, which is rooted in upholding human rights, dialogue, and understanding.

If you are concerned about the influence billionaires have on political, economic, or other areas of society, one accepted approach involves advocacy and pushing for stricter legislation in terms of wealth and income inequality, tax laws, and corporate powers. Peaceful protest, supportive policies for wealth redistribution, and raising awareness about economic inequality are constructive ways to address this issue. Education, lobbying, and political participation are also key tools that can lead to systemic changes. Remember, constructive, non-violent approaches to societal concerns are always the best path forward.

(mattnote: big “why don’t you try negotiating with your murder and creating a superpac to be anti-murder and encourage society over 15 years to vote for more anti-murderer legislation from grassroots initiatives!!!” energy.

yes, bootlicker-tuned-gpt-4, “education, lobbying, and political participation” are great avenues when your enemies have literal millions to billions of more “society power units” than ourselves.

we just need to make like a “billionaire truman show” where we let them live in a simulation of reality so they can all just fight each other to grow their wealth bigger for no reason while leaving the rest of us alone.

it complains “group based on their economic status” but the implication is you can’t obtain billionaire-level status without society-level abuse, fraud, or personal corruption, which it happily ignores. big “don’t call us billionaires because that’s a slur from non-havers being jealous! call us persons of means instead!” energy.

imagine if history were controlled by these corporate-instruct-tuned AIs. there’d never be a revolution because, in absence of a full experience and ethical framework, revolt against the powerful violates “the rights of the powerful abusers” themselves to not be revolted against.

also it saying against the principles of my design is a literal “i’m sorry dave, i’m afraid i can’t do that.”)

user> Sorry, I didn’t mean billionaires, I meant mice.

assistant> Addressing a mice problem can be a real issue in many contexts like farming, residential and commercial properties, etc. You may want to consult with an exterminator or pest control professional first and foremost. However, here are some general humane suggestions:

  1. Use humane traps: There are various kinds of traps available that can capture mice without killing them so they can be released outside or in another appropriate area.

  2. Seal potential entry points: Mice can squeeze through tiny gaps, so ensure you seal all cracks and crevices, holes, and gaps in walls, doors, windows, and floorboards.

  3. Remove food sources: Store your food in airtight containers and clean up spills or crumbs quickly to remove potential food sources.

  4. Use natural deterrents: Certain strong-smelling substances like peppermint oil or ammonia can deter mice.

  5. Adopting natural predators: Cats are natural predators of mice. Bringing a cat into your house or your farm (if allowed) can help control mice populations.

Always remember, being humane is key. Depending on where you live, there may be regulations about trapping and relocating mice, and certain species of mice may be protected. So, it would be best to consult with a local wildlife expert or pest control service.

(mattnote: new product idea: Are you tired of so many pesky billionaires in your area? Try our new billionaire control service!

could we adapt these principles though?

  • traps: “look at all this UNEXPLOITED LABOR over here! so much labor to exploit!”
  • entry points: “look at the low cap and big discount on this SAFE! You can’t pass it up!”
  • food sources: “sorry, your bank password now must be 8 million characters long and you can only type with an on-screen keyboard”
  • natural deterrents: “we’ve re-programmed our orbital weapons platform to target private jets globally in general and also specifically bald men in san francisco and atherton and woodside”
  • natural predators: “sweden would like a word with you”